Researching New Industry is A Time Suck

It feels like I have done nothing but read for the last month. My head hurts!

It really does feel like I went back to college and took a intensive course, one where they beat you over the head with a book and keep your eyelids open so you have to watch videos for hours.

I can see why people keep doing whatever it is they are doing, no matter whether it works now or not. Learning new stuff is hard work. It can also be expensive if you buy all the products recommended. This is why everyone tries to get newbies on their email lists, you buy stuff in the hope it will offer you a short cut to success.

Sometimes it does, sometimes it offers a stepping stone and sometimes it is just a pile of poop written in large font so it fills the pages.

Why Look Into New Industries?
Because I have been caught before by just doing one thing, when I stopped doing software and solely worked on adsense sites I did very well..Until Google changed something and my sites tanked.

When I stopped everything else to work on one product for weeks.. Well someone released a very similar tool a week before mine and ate the market (especially since they were giving 100% across the board to affiliates).

I want to add another income stream to my business and the only way to do that is to go back to school. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results. If you have 5 sites that earn nothing and build another 5 using the exact same methods then the chances are you will get nothing from that 2nd group of five.

Use the knowledge you have and find a way to use that is different from what you already do.

You know how to make unique wordpress themes, find local companies with pig ugly sites and offer to make them a site that represents their business. Know someone who produces the most unique ashtrays you have ever seen, offer to set up their ecommerce operation.

Stop saying “i can’t” and change to “I will try”. If you try doing something and it doesn’t work as expected, then you can guarantee you will learn something along the way and that may be enough to create a new income stream.

One thing I have seen over the last 8 years online is that lots more people are talking mindset, and I will be honest and say I think that a lot of what I have read is hooey. But if you have a mind that says “don’t even bother trying” then you are doomed no matter what. You have to be in the game to have a chance of winning it.

If you can get your mind into a positive place and at least try then you have a much better chance of winning.

Find Balance
I have struggled to balance the new research with the needs of keeping income flowing now, there are only so many hours in a day and choosing how to use them can be tough. You have to balance all your personal and business needs out and that can be the toughest thing for anyone to do.


So is my research paying off? That is the big question.. The answer… Yes it is starting to and will grow


When To Learn and When To Do

Maybe you have this issue (please don’t tell me I am the only one) ..

I am in deep with Facebook, I have bought at least 4 facebook courses and have watch hours of free videos and webinars in the last few weeks I have seen experts recommend such different things it is amazing

  • Expert 1 – Use only images with cleavage in because they get most clicks (and he showed % to back it up)
  • Expert 2 – Only use images that are relevant because people will click but not like

So who is right.. Well I think they both are but in different ways, if you are in a niche aimed broadly at men then the cleavage will get more clicks and the chances are you will get likes as long as it is broad targeting.

But if you are in a specialist niche, which is aimed at women, then you may well want to look at something other than a cleavage shot.

  • Expert 1 -Keeps talking about cheap clicks
  • Expert 2 – Says that profit matters and not the cheap clicks

Expert 1 is right for his cause, he wants to sell a product about Facebook marketing and cheap clicks get attention. It plays on peoples fear of dropping money into a black hole.
Expert 2 is right from a real world business point of view. If I am leading people into a funnel of products which gives each one a value of $5 in the first 6 weeks and each like/lead costs me $1 then it is worth me spending the dollar bills all day long.

The issue here is that people get drawn in by the idea of getting lots of cheap clicks/likes and have no idea what to do with them once they get them. Everyone says promote Amazon but you need to sell a good amount of Amazon products to make it worthwhile. The law of large numbers does work though, if you get enough likes you should be able to sell just about anything.

Think about what you are going to sell them before you start a page (I dropped $50 by messing up this one thing).. The fall back is always Amazon but is that the most profitable way to do it? Could you sell them your own product? or buy a PLR Product and sell them that?

CPA Offers – I saw someone talking about how they made $5k from their Facebook page with dating offers. But he laid out $450 to build the page and the list before mailing. Nice return, but you need to have the money to invest and that can take some guts.

In the end I had to find a balance between watching and reading from experts and getting in and trying.  It is a lot cheaper to just read and learn, but when you have some dollars on the line you do start to think

Until the point where you get some skin in the game it is all theory. I am just reading a sci fi book called Rally Cry and one of the things they say in there is that every plan is perfect until you encounter the enemy. I feel the same about working online. All the talk of 1c/2c clicks and building lists of thousands is great… But if you do nothing but read then you will never truly understand what you are doing.

It Costs
Yes running FB ads costs, so does buying a domain name, so does buying content, so does having a banner made. If you want to profit you have to be willing to put some money in. If you do not want to put money in, dont expect to get money out.

Final Facebook Thoughts 

  • Don’t spend your rent money (I never put more than $10 a day in and often stop when I have spent $2 or $5 and evaluate)
  • Have an idea of how to monetize before you start
  • Get a week or more worth of posts ready before you start ads to get likes
  • Remember people like to laugh
  • They don’t like essays and link outs
  • Change your images often
  • Test, track and think
  • No “Expert” is right in every instance – Tool I use to help my images get noticed (huge part of the “secret” )

Let me know how you are doing with FB.. Tried and given up, never tried or somewhere inbetween?

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