Every morning I have the same routine, I get up have a cup of tea, discuss the world with my daughter Elizabeth and check my emails. Yesterday I get an email about how BMR is closing. So no more links from Build My Rank (I highly recommended them a while ago) , as soon as I read it I knew this was going to cause a storm online.

I remember the days when people had their own small link networks, I once paid $600 for a software to post to my own network of sites (including what would now be web2 sites) and had to sign a NDA to get it.  It was underground and kept quiet and it worked. Then they became better known and rather than building your own you used someone elses. This is essentially what BMR is, they manage the network and you pay for access.

There are a few of these networks, some have people put their own sites in, some buy the domains and build the sites out. Some are $30 a month some are $500 a month. Price doesn’t matter really because:-

Google Are After Link Networks

They have kind dabbled with smacking down affiliates and IM people for a while, but looks like they have worked out how to find link networks for real this time and if the network you are in is famous/notorious/massive and public you can expect it to be slapped soon.

To their credit the guys behind BMR are handling all of it really well and they have said they will do refunds on some stuff and pay affiliates. So I for one would be happy to listen to them on their next project.

Do I Remove All My Links From BMR or Not?
It may be too little to late, but yes I would say that at this point you should remove them. It is gutting to lose all those links you paid for but take a deep breath and do it.

SEO is Dead/I am giving up/I don like In n Out Burger
None of these statements make any sense to me, business is tough. I have been at this 7 years and Google have slapped me silly and taken all my income at least twice.  As a kid I delivered papers and hated it, rain and cold and dark..yukk..Tough its part of the job get on with it.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and It is a learning opportunity
These two phrases drive me nuts but they are right. You will lose some ranking, probably lose some money (if your sites use link networks like BMR a lot) and you will be pissed off. But you do not have a horrible disease (well not from this) Your loved ones are still hiding the remote from you and your kids still think its funny when you fall asleep in front of the TV and snore.

What can you learn from all this? Well in my opinion you should be learning that link diversity is important BUT it is not enough. Having lots of links is good but it is not enough, even if they are good links it will not be enough long term. So what do you have to do?

For the last month at least I have been talking to Rob from Internet Marketing In A Hour a day about what happens when Google get serious about link manipulation and they get annoyed enough to do something about it. We also talk abut social networks, about money (making it and spending it), foreign language sites and all kinds of fun stuff.

We both have similar ideas about how this Google thing is going to roll and today we started putting it down on paper (well Google Docs). We started with a 6 page brain dump document (the long lost/hidden/secret manifesto in sales page speak) and are now breaking it out into areas. We want to share the Why, The What and The How as well as some questions for each of us to answer.

You Have To Be Willing To Break Out 
I personally believe we need to undertake a sea change in our thinking, we are all trained by people around us and it is amazingly hard to break that training. You learn to look for certain visitor numbers, certain adsense payouts and you listen to how to build sites and how to build links.

Breaking away from the lessons of years (and a million forums and blog posts ) is hard and I think we are in for a painful year. Google do not love anyone making money online except them and they require that we step up our game. Hopefully myself and Rob will be able to share some ideas on how to do that soon.

Ok let me know what you think in the comments below, are you scared, nervous or just mad as all heck!