Content Curation

Content Curation is..

  • New and wonderful
  • Not spammy
  • Going to make us all rich
  • Google approved
  • All The Above
  • None of the Above

Over the last week or two it seems like the world has gone content curation mad. People are throwing out products left right and center , how to courses and software on top of software. Some of it is absolute junk but some of it is good stuff.

content curation

I Like This Image So I Used It!

I have seen a couple of people saying that content curation is “Google approved” – Unless they called Matt Cutts or one of his bosses and asked him specifically then it is not “google approved” (I checked with him at lunch yesterday and he said no one called him).

“Content Curation can not be used the same way auto blogging was, it is not spammy at all”..
Ok this kind of thing is great because it made me laugh really loud. You sell someone a tool, you can NEVER control how it is used, people will always use things in ways you do not intend…e.g

Mix this content curation software (which looks really good by the way , it is not mine and that is not an aff link)

and my easy spin intro plugin  - use your own clickbank ID to buy it and save some money –

And after a bit or work setting it all up you could be posting unique and curated content to all your wordpress sites all day long. Or even better get your outsourcers to do it all for you.  If you have loads of sites and are wondering how you can ever add enough unique content to work with the freshness requirements of the latest algo changes this may be the answer.

Lot cheaper than getting content written by real people! I am not saying you should or should not do this, I am just sharing my ideas, you use (or dont use) my ideas as you see fit.

The quality of your feeds will determine the quality of the content you can curate, if you just get feeds from junk sites you will have junk to use. If your site is all about “left handed banana colored golf clubs” you will not get great info on that, go for feeds from bigger parts of the niche.

My Point
My real point is that content curation is just the same as everything else,  you can do it any way you want (I watched someone peel a banana in the strangest way the other day). Some people will go to great lengths to learn all about their market and will become market leaders and end up rich and famous, some people will just copy and paste their life away and end up working in a dark room in the basement surrounded by computers and whiteboards..hang on thats me..

Some people will take the middle road and do some curation with some unique content and they will do ok with it, I think this will be most people as it has a low entry point and is relatively easy. The right way to do content curation is the one you are happiest with, and hopefully it makes you some money as well.

Content Curation Is Not The Answer You Are Looking For
The thing to remember is that this is only one part of the puzzle, everyone is looking for the answer to making money online and like all answers to complicated questions (politics, religion, how does this TV remote work) it should be given in parts. Your site needs to be in the right market, you need to have good content, you need to have a plan to get traffic (seo, paid traffic, from lists) and you need to work out the best way to make sure that you earn the maximum roi.

Content curation is the buzz word in IM right now , part of that is due to the shock of the latest Google Link Network clampdowns  and part is because everyone wants the magic bullet. I appreciate that people want instant riches, but when you are building a business it takes time and work to become an overnight success.

You are building a business aren’t you?

Please let me know your thoughts on Content Curation, magic bullets, quick fixes and how you plan to build your business..


Good Example Of Content Curation In IM By Michelle Macphearson

I thought this was a clever content curation by Michelle Macphearson

She has named the section cleverly , IM Weecap , and links out to news items on well respected sites like seomoz will help as well.  I wonder if she is using any software or is it just good old fashioned manual blog posting.

With all the talk about how complicated content curation is (and like anything there are plenty of angles to it) I think Michelle has done it in the purest, simplest form and I like it!

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