Making A Slide Show Video

Lots of people tell me how they want to use videos to promote their business but they don’t because they do not have a clue how to do it.

So I thought I would show you a simple piece of software that I use to make videos. This is a great animoto alternative , More Info Below Video

The site is and I find them really easy to make.

I use Kozzi (you get $10 in free image credits) and I use Morgue File for photos and such. If you are making a video of a product make sure to mix up images, so not just of the product but messages as well and people using the product (or a similar one) if you can.

To create messages over the top of images I use my Meme Samurai program

If the idea is to move people from the video page to the product page dont make the video long, no one wants to sit through 3 minutes of pics of your dishwasher. Make the video 30 seconds long and tell people what you want them to do.

Would you like videos on making videos of your desktop, or powerpoint type presentations, or … Well let me know in the comments

Are You Really Thankful?

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers, I know you are probably busy either cooking Turkey or eating it right now and I hope you enjoy it.

I am a brit who has been living in the USA for 8 years so while I didn’t grow up with this holiday I am getting the hang of it. People eat lots, shop lots and at some point they say “I am thankful for ..”

Normally people insert “family” here as you are surrounded by them and Christmas is coming up so you kind of want to remind them how much you love them. It is also kind of expected..

My 5 year old told me this morning (at 7am..when I would rather be asleep still) that she is Thankful for her mummy and daddy, because some kids she goes to Kindergarden with don’t have a daddy who lives with them. Genuine, heart felt and real.  Here I am being thankful for money, house and food, she is just pleased that she has a mum and dad who are together and love her and each other.

I think the message is Be Thankful, but for the really important things.

Every time I see the scar on my wifes chest I give thanks for the heart surgeons who saved her life. She sees it as a horrible scar, I see it as a gift of years of life.

I am thankful that I have  just spent 3 weeks with my mum, she is getting older and I worry about her.

Giving Thanks Isn’t Enough
Think of real things to be thankful for, you are not buying a PLR pack of Thanksgiving messages, be real. Tell people exactly why you love them, why you love having them as part of your life.

I hope everyone has a great day, spend it with people you love and care about and don’t feel pressure to do things that none of you really care about. If you don’t want to cook Turkey, go get a rottiserie chicken and enjoy it.

I will finish by saying thanks to everyone who reads this, I know I don’t write as much as I would like to but I am hoping to improve on that (sounds like a new years resolution there doesnt it)

Enjoy, and if you are on any of my email lists, I will speak to you tomorrow for the Day After Thanksgiving IM Sale


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