Resize Your Images Before You Use Them

I recently moved a site for someone from their hosting to my own and noticed that the uploads folder was over 50 meg!

It only had 30 or so photos in it but all of them had been uploaded at the same size as they came off their camera. It works as she only has one site and I am not worried about the space she uses, but what if you have 10 or 20 sites all like that.

Pretty soon your hosting is full of huge images that don’t need to be that way. It is a waste of hosting space, a waste of processing power and generally not a good use of resources. Resizing images is easy to do and you can use an online website for free.

A lot of the free places to work with images have closed down. So I am now using Gimp - - simple to use and free

Resizing your images may seem like a small thing but it really is something that can help. Renaming your images to something more search engine friendly is one of the best benefits.

Hope it helps

Installing And Using WordPress Plugins

Three Videos In ONE day! I must have spent to long in the sun yesterday.

I have done a video already showing you how to upload wordpress plugins, how to set up semiologic reloaded and one on the general settings in WordPress This last video for today is more on what plugins I use and why, I do also talk about keeping a clean wordpress install being important.

In the video I touch on a plugin that is new to me – Meta Robot by Yoast – he is a very smart cookie and I like all of his plugins that I have had a chance to use so far – if you have time take a look at some of his other ones.

Click on Image Video Will Start In New Screen

That is all for today, I have covered setting up WordPress initial settings, installing and tweaking a theme and this one talks about plugins.

If you have any questions on any of them please do drop me a comment and I will see what I can do on the next videos.

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