This is pretty much the question that was posted on the WPGM Forum 3 weeks ago by one of the highly esteemed members (I don’t just call him  that coz he took me to dinner when he was in town last).  Well content curation seems to have passed me by!

Rob from Internet Marketing in A Hour A Day jumped in and shared a load of info on what it is and what software there is out there. To make it short and sweet, think of news sites like the huffington post, they take a news article give it their own spin and then link back to the original. I really respect Rob and he is all over this curation thing like a rash (I am not saying he has a rash of any kind, I don’t know him that well), So I offered to run a test and here is what I found..

Links From The Video Here


Magazine Style Plugin I mention in the video (it is actually 2 plugins, one for posts and one for pages), this is one of the must have plugins for any wordpress install in my opinion.

The way of doing content curation I mention in the video is probably not the highest level version of the art but it was a quick and dirty test. Did it work? Well watch the video and see what you think.

Content Curation Software – I haven’t tried this yet but I am going to take it for a run over the weekend and will let people know my thoughts.

Have you tried this, do you have success stories, any tips and tricks to share with us. Please do share your thoughts and stories in the comments