I recently mentioned on Facebook that I had been using Linkedin to get Facebook likes. I had a few people ask me to explain more so I did a video for you. The video shows you the basic (very simple idea) way to to do it. Join social marketing groups and add your facebook page info.

People then come and like your page and you go like theirs, One thing I did’t show in the video was that you can also look on their pages and find other people who have swapped likes (they leave a comment with their facebook url and say something like “saw you on the linkedin group”) you can then go and like them and ask them to like you.

More info after the video

When people like me and ask me to like them what I do is
-Make a list in notepad
-Get my wife to like them from her personal account

So they get a like from an account they have not liked (like a 3 way link exchange I suppose) and I can still like any I am really interested in hearing more from in my own personal account.

Pinterest and Twitter
As I mention in the video I use the same methods to get new followers on Pinterest and twitter

Use It Or Lose It
This applies to all things social, if you do not keep on posting, adding friends and interacting with people your account will become less and less useful. You won’t really lose the account but it will lose it’s usefulness. This is one of the reasons why I think it is so crazy to try and manage 50 sites, how can you possibly do all the social bits and pieces that are needed now days to try and keep the Penguins and Pandas happy?


How Do You Get More Facebook Likes?
Do you have some tricks up your sleeves that you are willing to share with us? Please feel free to let us know in the comments below