My wife reminded me that just because I know something it doesnt mean everyone does. She also reminded me that I seem to have forgotten how to unload the dishwasher but you probably don’t need a video on that.

While I am working on new plugins and am working on ideas to revamp old ones it can be easy to make videos going in depth into things without ever covering the basics.

So here is a 2 minute video showing how to upload a plugin using WordPress own built in zip uploader.

I do mention in the video that if you get a “invalid header” error when uploading a plugin or theme, it means there is something else inside the zip.

So instead of zipping up the folder which contains the plugin they have put that folder into another folder and then added a manual. This is the way it was usually done before WordPress made this update. It allowed us to keep everything nice and neat so you could find the plugin and the manual all in one place.

If you get that error, dont panic, just unzip the plugin/themeĀ  and either use filezilla (or your favorite ftp program) or just create a new zip that only has the plugin/theme folder rather than all the other bits and pieces.