I was just reading a report on how pinterest.com are making money via skimlinks. The report was on marketingland and I could not really make out whether they approve or disapprove.

My thing is, up until the point where it hit mass market no one offered to pay the bills or help them scale up. No one other than marketers would give a monkeys about links and who made any money on them. I have asked people if they recognize an affiliate link (or not) and the general answer is that they not only don’t¬†recognize but they don’t care.

“Everyone has to make a living” ¬†was one response and that is exactly right. So maybe the questions is should pinterest have been more open about what they did, or is it just one of those things where you agree to the terms and they do what they like.

You do have the option to not post of course, I think my main point is does anyone really care? Is this just another set of made up headlines based on something that is hot in the Internet world right now?

Let me know your thoughts, oh and here is a link to the page that sparked all this for me