The guys at the Keyword Academy have decided to spin their Guest Blog Post network – Postrunner – off on its own so anyone who joins the Keyword Academy from now on will not get membership included (as far as I understand).

They are doing this so they can use resources to expand the network and promote it more heavily. Not sure if this is the right thing to say in a Postrunner review post but , I have to say I really like Postrunner, their system is easy to follow and there are usually blogs in every niche that you are looking for. I like that they have a scoring system, so in theory the badly spun dross won’t get through the doors and that is a good thing.

I think their image below explains the system better than I can..

I for one will be using Postrunner as much now as I did under the old system. It does require work but a lot less work than finding blogs to do guest posts on in the traditional way.

Even though you are paying to use Postrunner I do think you should still do all you can to promote the posts it benefits you and him.

How Do I Choose Which Sites To Send My Articles To?
Well for one thing, pick the ones on topic! I have a site in their network which is aimed at weddings and someone sent me an guest post on repairing foundations in Texas.

Page Rank is important , we do not have any other really easy metrics to measure sites by so this one will always be around. I would send content to a PR0 if the site was not 100% guest posts and looked ok.

What % of content is from postrunner – If a site has 100% of their content from the network I would look for somewhere else first as I like to see sites with at least some of their own content

Looks matter – If a site looks like it is made for adsense purposes with a super stark layout (designed to push people to click the ads) and no social interaction at all then I will look for another site.

I am not saying I would never post to these sites, I am just suggesting that if you have limited amount of posts to send out then you want to make sure they go to the best sites you can find.

I have been a member of Postrunner for around a year and I would join it again in a heartbeat – If you are thinking of joining Posturnner why not use my link!

 Possible Postrunner Discount

Use the coupon code ‘first500′ when signing up and it may well save you some money!