November 8th Will Be Interesting For Amazon Associates

Once again times they are a changing!
November 8th Is Going To Be A Big Day

I use Reviewazon and Wprobot to create sites aimed at Amazon income and I love them, we pull in the product reviews and use them as content, add in some extra keyword rich content content using easy spin and all is good in the world.

I received this email from Amazon

On November 8, 2010 the Reviews response group of the Product Advertising API will no longer return customer reviews content and instead will return a link to customer reviews content hosted on You will be able to display customer reviews on your site using that link.

What does that mean?

Well as far as I can tell it means that after November 8th you will not be able to automatically pull in the customer reviews to use them as content on your sites. This has been touched on in the WPG forum and there seems to be a couple of thoughts.

Good News - People will have to click through to Amazon to learn more about the product so a cookie will be dropped and thus you should make more sales

Bad News -Your site content will be limited to a pic and whatever description the seller puts in. This is not normally a whole lot of content and it certainly isn’t keyword rich. This just doesn’t give the search engines enough to bite into and rank the pages.

Without content on the pages (and I am not talking about dimensions) there is nothing to rank the page. Sure you can throw hundreds of links at the site with the right anchor text and it will rank, but having the words on page makes it all a lot easier.

Terrible News (possibly) -What if Amazon try and back date the whole thing and make us pull our sites which we have already built?  I dont think this will happen and if it does, well there is nothing much you can do other than deal with it.

Start (or carry on) adding your own unique content to every site. I use Easy Spin Intro (its my plugin so of course I do)  to add unique content after the content from Amazon. I add it after rather than before because the “buy now” button is usually at the top of the page and I like people to see that early.

It is a super easy to use WordPress plugin that will ensure your sites have unique content on them even if you are not allowed to put user comments. You also have full control of the content so you can put keywords in and even links (I do show you how).

Another thought is to get your sites built now before they change the rules.

Site content is important and so is linking, I discussed ways to make writing content easier last week . Next week before I go off to Vegas for the Beyond Commission Live conference I will be talking about links, but before you do anything, start thinking about preempting Amazon and add some unique keyword rich to every one of your sites using easy spin intro.

Product Update

While on my travels I found a program that makes Amazon sites (nothing new there) but he stores the data in a database, so unlike reviewazon sites these wont be affected after November 8th.

Good news, but remaking the site could a) be a time suck and b) what if you lose some pages

He has a reviewazon site changing tool, so I am busy converting my reviewazon sites over to

The cheapest way to get it is to get the discount code from his WSO

I am nothing to do with his program other than being a very happy user!

Ok I better post this so it is actually out there before the Amazon changes.

Lets hope it is a profitable change for all of us!


Buying Sites Can Be Fun OR A Headache

No one can deny that sitepoint really took the bull by the horns and dragged buying and selling websites into the main stream when they spun off a section of their forums and turned them into Flippa.

I had used the sitepoint forums in the past to sell sites and it was a great way to make some quick cash. Flippa has taken it to a whole new level and for a while there it got a bit crazy. Buying a 3 day old site built using an automated program for $500 was a great business model for the people selling the sites but not so good for the buyers generally.

Lots of money was made in the first few weeks or months by people selling sites that looked good and promised a lot, many of them delivered not very much at all in the final analysis. You can also see sites that were sold and then the purchaser never claimed them, or else they realized after purchase that they didn’t know how to change the adsense id over and had no way to work it out.

One problem that I heard about was that people were buying sites that made money with Amazon and then they never seemed to see any of the income. Of course people thought it was a Google slap, or the Google dance or something else, most never took the time to look deeper into it.

Much of the software we use to build sites stores info in databases, this is true of WordPress and many other programs, what was happening was that the original owners Amazon ID was stored in the database for each product listed on the site. Until their old id is changed for yours, you WILL NOT get paid for any sales.

Affiliate ID Changer is the tool I came up with for this very reason, and at just $7 I think it is a nobrainer for anyone who buys websites, or is thinking about buying them..

I like buying sites, but I do go for low priced sites and I never worry about looks. As I tell people if looks really mattered I would still be single, a mate of mine recently told me I have the perfect face for radio.

If you are thinking about buying a website then make sure you do your due diligence, look at the numbers not the design. You can change the design but if no one is searching for the keywords then there is no real way to change that.

I will do another post on why I don’t buy expensive sites and what I do look for..

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