Build My Rank -Final Review

Well for everyone who has been following along with my posts about Build My Rank here is the final review. I will say that the test showed up one thing while another test showed something different. Rather than doing the longest post in the history of the world I decided to do a video. So you can listen to my sweet warbling rather than reading my rants and raves!

Make sure you scroll down past the video as I am going to talk about some stuff and of course I want to hear your thoughts

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Ok thanks for watching the video. Ready for a bit of a rant (it fits in with this review honest).

Bare Minimum Bob
Back in the day when I worked for the insurance arm of a bank we had around 25 staff . We had one guy who would always look for the easy way out. He would not start a minute early, or work one minute over. He would work harder at finding ways to not do any work than any one else I knew.

What did he get out of this, well he did get to go home on time every night and think that he was screwing the man. What he did not get was the chance to do any of the sweet overtime (double time, plus day off, and no work to do), he didn’t get a end of year discretionary performance bonus and he didn’t get considered seriously for promotion.

He put little in, always looking for the quick fix and in the end he got a lot less out of it.

Are You Running Your Online Business Like Bob?
If all you are doing is looking for the next way to create 1k links with no real work then you are Bob. If your website is not worth you taking the time (or paying someone else) to create links of value then you shouldn’t be in the niche.

I am not saying that mass creation of links is no good, I love ezal , but it should not be the only thing you use. There is no one tool to rule them all, you need link diversity.

I know people are using things like article marketing robot to send out thousands of articles. Would it not be better to take some time and find the 20 (or whatever the number is) article directories that have PR and just submit to them?

You get 20 links from sites that get spidered all the time, you can easily add those 20 to your imautomator account and give them some extra love. You can work at giving those 20 some power which they pass onto your sites. You can even link build to your author profile so that everything you post to that profile will get some love.

Think Benefit Not Ease
If it was easy everyone would do it, I have been making money online for years and it is not easy. It is hard work (but easier than sitting in a office for 10 hours a day for someone else). The harder stuff often brings better results. But people do not want to do the hard work.

BMR is Not For Bobs
People moan that BMR needs to much work, they need unique content for each post and you only get one link from that. “Why bother when I can get a million links from this badly spun article slammed all over the place.”

I love that, I always agree with people and tell them they are right and they should not bother. That is one less person that I have to compete with.  I am too tired to fight with people who always end up throwing info from some sales page at me. If you can not see the value in building links on sites that have PR and that will get indexed by the company (so less work for you) there is nothing I can say that will help.


Do I recommend Build My Rank – Yes
But not to be used on its own on new sites and not unless you are ready to work the system.
Do some articles through ezal and other places. Get the sites indexed and some rankings then use Build My Rank to push it up the ranks.

I am seeing great results doing that. But do not expect to be a bare Minimum Bob and get anywhere


p.s Outsource…More on that another time

** The person who I worked with was not actually called Bob, the only Bob I worked with was a great worker.




Build My Rank Review Part Two

Since reading part one of my review on linking tools I am sure you have been chomping at the bit for more info about Build My Rank.

Ok let’s start with the data that I have collected and then go from there

  • 47 posts
  • 5 keywords (although 1 of those words only got used once)
  • 45 are indexed
  • PR1 = 8
  • PR2 = 24
  • PR3= 11
  • PR4= 4

The keyword/post split isn’t very even.

  • Keyword 1 = 3 posts
  • Keyword 2 = 8 posts
  • Keyword 3 = 24 posts
  • Keyword 4 = 11 posts
  • Keyword 5 = 1 post

I suppose I could also break down the  posts to pr and I may do that for the next report.

The links were all done in January with the earliest ones being done on the 8th and the last one done on the 23rd. So these links are not hugely old.

So Far

  • Keyword 1 is ranking at 61
  • keyword 2 is ranking at 96

This is not exactly shining a sparkling light on the system is
However I think it does need some more time and more work from me before I can give my final thoughts.

Carry On
I want to carry on this test but to try and make this test a bit more organized and fair I am going to narrow the test down to 3 keywords, keyword 2, 3 and 4 and do more links for them over the next week. I will get keyword 2 and 4 to a position where they have 24 links each and then move forward from there.

Thing to note
I have been using BMR on some more established sites along site EZAL and Postrunner and have seen a nice move up the rankings for them. The other sites are in much harder niches but the sites are older and have had some substantial amounts of article marketing done for them.

My feeling is that the BMR links have been enough to push them up the ranks, but it isn’t working too well for ranking as a stand alone item. We may see a move soon and I will keep on plugging away and keep sharing.

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