When my mum always told me that patience was a virtue I would get incredibly annoyed. I don’t want to wait for the cake to bake, I don’t want to wait till I am old enough to drive.

That is exactly how people are online, no one wants to wait to make money online. These are exactly the people who either disappear or 2 years later are still saying “I am unlucky” or the classic “What is your secret?”

If you buy the right domain name, in a niche that gets traffic,build a site with original and keyword orientated content you are half way there. The next bit is the grind.

The grind is where you do everything you can to promote the site. I am not talking about in the first hour after you build it (although I will be sharing a plan for the first hour soon) I am talking about the days and weeks afterwards.

You need to find a happy balance between building sites and promoting them. This is almost always where new people fail, because building sites is sexy and you can see exactly what you have achieved. “I built a site today” sounds more solid than “I posted 50 blog comments, hope they all get approved”

You want to make money online – I know that, I get it and trust me it is lovely to be sitting here at home typing this in my shorts and t shirt. But it didn’t happen overnight.

You will make money, if you are willing to do the grind. Use the 80/20 rule, spent 20% of your time building and 80% marketing,building links and doing stuff to improve your sites ranking and you will do ok.

Oh and if you are asking yourself “What is the right domain name” you will have to wait a while for my thoughts on that as I am off out to the garden for a while.