I was in the WordPress Goldmine forum and someone was asking how they could find out if their articles from UAW were being sent out. I said use google alerts and left it at that..

What is Google Alerts?

Came the response..When you are talking to people about wordpress, social bookmarking, article marketing or Internet Marketing in general it is easy to assume they know the basics of what you are talking about.

So rather than trying to explain, I did a video which is below.. I use Google alerts for keeping track of my author names and my own name. I also use it for being alerted to any new sites/posts that Google considers to be relevant to the keywords I am targeting.

In the video I also mention using igoogle, that is just a home page you set up. So when I start up firefox in the morning I see a list of all my sites, my helpdesk url, my software and anything else I want to remember. I also have customer sites that I am doing stuff for in a separate list

The last thing I mention is google reader – this is a place you can add the rss feeds from sites you follow. It is a quick way to catch up on your fave sites. I explain why I add my sites to my rss reader in the video..

While I have your attention and before you look at the video, here is a new tool I am releasing - LSI Content Creator – I have been using it myself for a while now and so far everyone who has it really likes it.

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