I sometimes feel like one of those old timers who sits on a rocking on their porch talking to anyone who will listen about the olden days.

I have only had a computer 10 years and have been making a full time living for 5 of those years. I have looked at a million and one sales letters, seen more “the death of….” than I care to remember and have become more than a little cynical in that time.

I do not get inspired when I see a post or sales letter about how someone did $100k in 3 hours after buying a product at 2am.. You know what does inspire me..

Heather, George and Jamie

Chances are you wouldnt know them if you fell over them but the fact of it is they inspire me. Not because they make millions (they don’t), but because they are doing it!

They are working every day towards making more money online than they did yesterday. Not a thousand dollars in 3 minutes, but just any sort of increase. They are all people I know from the WordPress Goldmine Forum and they inspire me.

I know that it may sound silly to be inspired by people who aren’t making “real” money yet. But I find the people who understand there is no such thing as overnight riches, no quick fix, no instant income inspiring.

Because they are dealing with reality and the reality of making money online is that it is hard work. It is a marathon not a sprint, it can be boring, lonely, frustrating and really really annoying!

It is hard to stick to a plan, there are new shiny things coming through your email box every day. Most of the sales letters promise instant riches, none of them talk about the grind. There is a good reason why they don’t ever tell you the truth, which we will discuss at a later date..

So todays Friday Thought is -Stick to the plan, even when it is boring, tedious and driving you nuts.

Once you have some income in place then feel free to diversify but until then pick a plan and stick to it.