Build Links To All Your Posts

There are essentially three parts to making money online

1-find a niche

2-add content

3-build links

Sure there are a million small things in each one but that is the large overview. This post and video is just going to cover one tiny part of number 3 but I hope it helps you.

The places I mention in the video include

Blog Spider

Imautomator – The free level is fine for the stuff i mention in the video

Social adr – They have a free level, join at the free level then they offer you a extra account option which is $17 a month and that gives you enough bookmarks to be starting with. As you make more money then increase

You do not need to build loads of links to every single page. What I do is home page first, then category pages, then I run the site through market samurai (another ranking tool would work) to see where the pages rank. I then build links to the pages that have some ranking, even if it is low.

Once they are done I will then just do the rest of the pages if I have nothing else to add to Imautomator . It is easy to lose track of what you have done when you are building links to so many pages and if you have loads of sites.

Which Site Do I Do First?
I have a load of sites so which one do I build links to first?

I know this question will get asked so I will answer it, I choose the sites that are making money already and push them. They are already loved by Google so I will try and get them some more love. I find it easier to take a site from $5 a day to $10 a day than to get from $0 to $5. No idea why I just do.

Comments Please
Please do let me know your thoughts and ideas, I like to think that I am not just talking to myself (which I do a lot)

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Build My Rank Review Part Two

Since reading part one of my review on linking tools I am sure you have been chomping at the bit for more info about Build My Rank.

Ok let’s start with the data that I have collected and then go from there

  • 47 posts
  • 5 keywords (although 1 of those words only got used once)
  • 45 are indexed
  • PR1 = 8
  • PR2 = 24
  • PR3= 11
  • PR4= 4

The keyword/post split isn’t very even.

  • Keyword 1 = 3 posts
  • Keyword 2 = 8 posts
  • Keyword 3 = 24 posts
  • Keyword 4 = 11 posts
  • Keyword 5 = 1 post

I suppose I could also break down theĀ  posts to pr and I may do that for the next report.

The links were all done in January with the earliest ones being done on the 8th and the last one done on the 23rd. So these links are not hugely old.

So Far

  • Keyword 1 is ranking at 61
  • keyword 2 is ranking at 96

This is not exactly shining a sparkling light on the system is
However I think it does need some more time and more work from me before I can give my final thoughts.

Carry On
I want to carry on this test but to try and make this test a bit more organized and fair I am going to narrow the test down to 3 keywords, keyword 2, 3 and 4 and do more links for them over the next week. I will get keyword 2 and 4 to a position where they have 24 links each and then move forward from there.

Thing to note
I have been using BMR on some more established sites along site EZAL and Postrunner and have seen a nice move up the rankings for them. The other sites are in much harder niches but the sites are older and have had some substantial amounts of article marketing done for them.

My feeling is that the BMR links have been enough to push them up the ranks, but it isn’t working too well for ranking as a stand alone item. We may see a move soon and I will keep on plugging away and keep sharing.

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