I speak to a lot of new people, I don’t mean babies by the way, I mean people who are new online. Some of them just want to make some extra pocket money but far to many actually NEED to make some money.

We are in a recession/depression/deep crap (depending on which TV station you watch) and far too many people really need to make some cash to pay the bills.

Let me tell you about the worst performing site I ever built, I know most people tell you about the stuff that makes them money but I want to be a bit different and tell you about a flop so you don’t repeat it.

The niche was great, there was plenty of money being spent on ads for adsense, there was a product or two on Amazon that I could sell and yet the site made me $0

Why did it fail?

One simple reason

I never built it..

  • I found a domain name, but didn’t buy it there and then.
  • I thought that the niche was competitive, so surely little old me couldn’t really get anywhere in it.
  • I went to a forum and asked “what do you think?”
  • I thought about it overnight

These four things are the kiss of death!

One of the few things I can guarantee online is that if you don’t build a site it will NEVER earn you any money. I produce products and while I want a higher CTR, I am happy that I am selling. If I wait till I have the sales letter perfect it will never get done.

I see it all too often, “I was going to build a site but…”

If you don’t build it you will never know how it will perform.

The great enemies of newbies (and not so newbies)

  • Procrastination -find a niche-buy the domain-build it. Don’t spend hours or days trying to decide.
  • Over Analyze – Don’t spend days collecting the same info from different places just to try and prove to yourself a niche is a good/bad idea
  • Over reach – You need to walk before you run, your first site is not going to make a million. Aim for some adsense income to start with and expand from there.
  • Continual Education-Don’t try and learn everything there is to know in the first week. Learn what you need to know then take action
  • Forums – Some (not all) forums are like pits of despair, there is always some trog who will kick you when you are down. Find a good one and go there to learn, but ignore any trogs.

I am sure there are more things I could list but these are the ones that come to mind.

I hope my first Friday Thought post helps some of you see that you can make it if you use your time well. I am no smarter than 99% of you and I have no magic skills, If I can do it so can you.

Do or Do Not There Is No Try (name that film)