Its All About Ed

Ok I know that sounds like the title for a blog post, sounds more like some sort of love fest post doesn’t it?

Well I suppose it is really, If you have known me for any time at all you will know that I am not in any kind of Guru circles, I work online so I can spend time with my wife and daughter not so I can get a Ferrari or Yacht.

I don’t listen to very many people, but Ed is one of them. So when I got this infuriating message from him I thought I would share it, I dont know what he is up to but I do know that it will be something worth looking at.

I have copied the email below but the crux of  it is that you need to belong to his site The Other 98 Percent – Don’t panic , it is free. Go to downloads and download the last item.

There are some other interesting downloads there as well, so do take some time to look through and take a peek at the forum as well.

I know this is all a bit vague, Ed is a demon programmer, traffic getter and money maker, he is not some master marketer who is going to weave some massive launch which gives you nothing.

When he sends something I stop and read and join, you should do the same

The email is copied below, I am also working with another one of his tools RSS Rebound - I want to do some videos on how I am using it before I go and say too much.

Seriously sign up, he doesnt spam anyone, he produces items that do what they say they will and I think those 2 things alone make him stand out.


Hey all,

I’ll be releasing probably one of the most powerful tools I’ve EVER
made soon.

It’s pretty dang cool……. and the best part is that you can get
traffic fast, and make solid income even if you don’t.

The details don’t really matter right now.  Chances are it’s something you
will be interested in and I’m certainly not going to have affiliates
for this, or advertise outside my network of friends or my subscribers.

To get the early chance to do this (and credits on me) you have to either
act right now or be a part of Niche Site Special 2. NSS 2 guys/gals should
hang tight.  I’ll be automating things for you and giving you lots of

Here is what YOU should go do right now if .

Go log into

Click on “my downloads”.

Select the very last download for instructions.

Warning:  The page goes down on Sunday.  Won’t be extended.


Rss Rocks

Sometimes it can be the simplest tools that I love the most!

RSS bot is one of those simple to use tools that just works and the fact is that once I got this tool I actually realized how many rss feeds I have. Now this isn’t the first  rss tool I have had, I think I paid $67 for the other one and to be honest I stopped using it as it became a pain in the butt.

Watch A Quick Video I Made

You may be reading this and thinking that you don’t have rss feeds to worry use but I am pretty sure you are wrong. If you are building sites and promoting them then you almost certainly do have rss feeds that you could and in fact should be using to drive the search engines into a frenzy.

  • WordPress sites have rss feeds
  • ezine articles give you a author feed
  • Your twitter account has a rss feed
  • Your Squidoo lenses have rss feeds
  • Your Hubpages have rss feeds
  • The other article sites you use have rss feeds

These are just the places I can think of immediately. Now you can do some passing back and forth with your feeds. You can take your site feed and add it to your squidoo account and take your ezine feed and put that in your hubpages to add some fun and games to the mix.

But the bottom line is that you are probably missing out on some Google love by ignoring your rss feeds, for less than $25 I think that rss bot is a great way to spread your rss love far and wide.

Buy This Great RSS Tool NOW!

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