A real quick blog post here, I was going to put it on Facebook or Google+ but then thought it would fit better here.

I was in a office yesterday (yes I do leave the dungeon once in a while) having a discussion with a couple of web guys about google plus. They love it and the web designer had kicked the tweet me button off the site to put the google plus button up there.

I felt this was a mistake as “normal” people are just not using g+ yet, I know that the big G are probably using it as a ranking metric and it definitely makes pages get indexed fast if they are linked from your google but for real people it is useless.

We disagreed (put 3 web geeks in a room together and they often cant even agree on what to have for lunch)..

There were 20 people in the office, secretary/admin people and sales people (plus us 3 very out of place geeks)..

“Hi I need some help, which do you use every day, Facebook, Google plus one, Twitter”

So out of 20 people
18 =Facebook regularly
10 =have twitter accounts
2 =use twitter a lot
3 =have not used it since setting it up
5 = use twitter once in a while but dont really seem to know how to use it for personal stuff. “I just post everything to Facebook from my phone”

2 = none – hate the whole idea

Half of them (9 of them women) said “whats the google thing” , the others had kind of heard of it because there is the button on the company site but only 1 had actually looked at it. Even he admitted it was only because the web geek guy pushed him.

I did not ask what they use for personal email, my wife uses yahoo mail and that may well be part of why she has not heard about gplus.

Google plus is great if you are in IM/SEO/Something geeky , and i know the take up numbers are huge but i think numbers alone are misleading, but outside of that they are not there yet.

What does this mean for you and me, if you are using Facebook to build groups and followers in your knitting niche, keep on doing it. If you have time to do the g+ thing as well then start to build a presence but i would not swap out all my time from Facebook to Gplus.

As for twitter.. I love it personally but I do not know if it will ever be anything other than a great social signal..

I know this is a very unscientific study and i could of asked more questions but thought I would share anyway..



Update:- Patrick was asking about twitter info, and while this is not strictly info, it is interesting if you are a twit geek..