Writing Content Is A Pain

You wouldn’t believe how often I hear some variant of that comment. I was helping someone last week and I asked them why they were only producing one article a day..

“Well Paul it takes me 2 hours to do a 350-400 word article”

I wish I could insert a picture of my jaw dropping open here, but I can’t ,and my wife just said it wouldn’t be very attractive anyway.

He does research and then writes, he does some pretty in depth research clearly! I shared a video with him and talked to him about content being different for different places and he has now got it down to 31 minutes for a unique article.

His target is 20 mins and we actually discussed today that he should be able to hit 2 articles in 30 mins without too much trouble.

First let me show you the video then let me talk about my take on content for different places. This video is NOT showing you a spinner..

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My Take On Content,Not all content is the same

1-Website Content
When you are producing Unique Content for your website you need to think about keyword density, LSI ,call to action and how it relates to and interacts with your previous (and future posts).

2-Ezine Articles
Ideally you should be producing Unique Content that is relevant to your niche, minimal keyword density (don’t want it outranking your own site) and the call to action should be in the signature box. You also need to make sure that if your anchor text is going to have more than 3 words you have a longer post (I won’t write the exact words needed as they will probably change it tomorrow).

3-Guest Blogging
To me guest blogging means if you are posting to someone who you have contacted in the same or a related niche and agreed to post or if you use the Postrunner network of blogs (part of the Keyword Academy) . Must be unique content and the quality must be good (or else they won’t approve it and won’t invite you back).

4-Link Networks
This is where it gets difficult, I find using ezarticle link and Unique Article Wizard to be very, very effective but I am also honest enough to know that these networks are for links but are unlikely to send much real traffic to my sites. They are for link building and not driving eyeballs.

This means that the content needs to pass their screening process but it doesn’t need to be Shakespeare.

Realizing when you are writing content for the link and when you may well be driving real traffic to your sites is important. Spending an hour (or even two) slaving over content that no one other than the search engines is likely to see is a waste of time. Time is the one thing that none of us really has to spare and so wasting it is a real shame.

Link building is vital for your websites and articles are a good way to build those links (I will discuss some more in more blog posts this month) but they can also drive you nuts. Lets be honest no one wants to sit and write 20 articles on pink toilet seat covers (sorry if I just outed your niche) even if you use the method I show in the video.

If you can outsource article (or at least some of it) then do so is my advice.

1k Dollars – Part Two – Content

Day Two

Where am I now, Well I have got all my domains and hosting set up.

5 sites are up and I have ordered the content for the next 5.

I am building the first 10 sites using xsp2 which is a stupidly expensive website builder, but I have had it a long while so I figured I may as well use it. You can use any html builder or do them using wordpress. The site builders are just tools, you can use whichever one you want.

My next 10 will be built using wordpress, I have already installed the outline installs but I do need to go back and upload plugins and themes. I don’t normally do more than a site or 2 at a time these days so doing this many is a bit of a change from my normal routine.

So far none of the original 5 are indexed but I haven’t done anything to get them indexed so I am not worried.  I have added them to Google webmaster and when all of the 10 sites for adsense are built I will then start doing something to get them indexed and start the hunt for traffic and rankings.

Sorry if this seems a bit disjointed but it is Sunday and I have been out in the sun for 4 hours and I ache all over as well as being sunburnt.

Plan for tomorrow is to do the next 5 adsense sites if the content is back.

Content Tips
If you can write your own content do it, you save money and it is quicker.

If you are buying content, don’t buy a ton of content from one person, unless you know them and have used them before.

One of the worst things in building sites is the waiting for things. If you are impatient them it can be a tense time, but waiting is all part of the process.

Where do I get content from?
PLR- Private Label Right – not ideal for your site but if you are willing to do rewrites and you can actually find PLR in your niche then it can work.

Two places I have used


There are plenty more places spread throughout the net but these are the only 2 I actually go back to.

Odesk – This is a relatively new site that brings together people looking for workers and workers looking to earn some money. I have used them a lot and for content it can be very hit and miss. It is free to join and post ads, you do pay for the work and a 11% fee to odesk, which still allows you to get cheap content.

My top tips would be, make your advert very very clear –

  • No upfront payment
  • Must be original content (tell them you will check before payment)
  • Must be delivered in 2 or 3 days (you choose)
  • Price for ALL articles (so there is none of this , I mean $10 each not for 3 articles)

You will get lots of bids, if you get any from native English speakers that are comparably priced then all the better.

Warrior Forum – Like odesk this can be a bit hit and miss, you will find writers who are wonderful and then some who are pants. Read the feedback and be honest with what you expect, just because someone is cheap it doesn’t mean they are rubbish but it is something to think about.

That is all for today, once I have these first 10 sites done then I will be starting on getting them indexed and of course earning some money.


Domain Concierge = $160
Domains =$176.20
Hosting =$6.95
Content – 10×500 word articles = $70

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