Plans for 2011

Ok as I mentioned in my last post there is no point planning for 2011 until I cleared up 2010, which is mostly done now. None of my planning was helped much by some serious issues in our downstairs bathroom. At least once we ripped out the horrible shower we found the water cut off valve for the house hidden in the wall behind the shower!

So what are the plans for 2011, I would like to say that they all involve sunbathing and goofing off but they don’t.


Finally do WSO’s for a couple of new wordpress plugins

Category Ads – WordPress plugin which allows you to put different things in different categories

Easy Spin Intro – Which allows you to put spun content at the star and/or end of each post. Finding this really useful right now with Amazon sites

I also just got given an internal linking plugin by a programmer to play with and look into selling it

Relaunch old software and plugins
It is far to easy to just leave things that are already making some money alone and just count the money. Could I make more if I did new/more videos and really worked at selling them? I won’t know till I try, assuming that stuff is all good as it is does not make for maximized income.

Total rebuild of Comment Hut from the ground up is part of the plan, it has been a robust work horse but it is now time to give it more than just a touch up.

Blog More
Believe it or not I have plenty to say and some of it may actually be useful, at the moment I feel so damn tired most of the time that I just don’t have the energy to post as much as I want. I may resort to using videos of me talking if you are really unlucky, my wife likes this idea as she thinks I will shave more often if I am going to be on camera.

Sell Sites
I have too many sites that need too much of my time to reach their full potential, so do I just let them lie unloved and die or sell them on.

Test and Review
I am currently doing a test with Build My Rank – I have a new site and the only promo I am doing is adding links into the BMR system. Their system is a load of blogs with PR spread across a gazillion hosts.  So in theory it should work well. The posts only have to be 150 words for each link and they accept rants (like a real blog post) so they can be written quicker than a full article and they don’t have to be full of information.

My wife is doing a few a day and she says she is finding it easy and fun, I think some of them may be rants about my skills at DIY but as long as we get a link in there that is fine. If the test works and the site ranks, i have done 19 posts and have 29 more lined up, I will share the info.

I also want to test Article Marketing Robot – I have heard good things about it and I can use the articles that I get spun for ezal in there

Keep On Using What Works
I love Ezarticle Link – even if you only sign up for the free version it is well worth having in your toolkit. The nicest thing about ezal is that the spun articles can then be used in other places like, amr mentioned above and UAW.

Postrunner has been a great program, it is part of the keyword academy, I don’t really use any of the other stuff they offer but the postrunner network has proved to be solid so i shall keep on using it. They have a 30 day trial so you can give it a go, be warned though to get the best results you need to work it.

Last but not least I aim to concentrate, this blog post has taken me from 9am till 3.45 to finish as I keep wandering off to do something else.

So come on what are your plans for the year, feel free to tell me or let us know where your blog post on the matter is.

Installing And Using WordPress Plugins

Three Videos In ONE day! I must have spent to long in the sun yesterday.

I have done a video already showing you how to upload wordpress plugins, how to set up semiologic reloaded and one on the general settings in WordPress This last video for today is more on what plugins I use and why, I do also talk about keeping a clean wordpress install being important.

In the video I touch on a plugin that is new to me – Meta Robot by Yoast – he is a very smart cookie and I like all of his plugins that I have had a chance to use so far – if you have time take a look at some of his other ones.

Click on Image Video Will Start In New Screen

That is all for today, I have covered setting up WordPress initial settings, installing and tweaking a theme and this one talks about plugins.

If you have any questions on any of them please do drop me a comment and I will see what I can do on the next videos.

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