Writing Content Is A Pain

You wouldn’t believe how often I hear some variant of that comment. I was helping someone last week and I asked them why they were only producing one article a day..

“Well Paul it takes me 2 hours to do a 350-400 word article”

I wish I could insert a picture of my jaw dropping open here, but I can’t ,and my wife just said it wouldn’t be very attractive anyway.

He does research and then writes, he does some pretty in depth research clearly! I shared a video with him and talked to him about content being different for different places and he has now got it down to 31 minutes for a unique article.

His target is 20 mins and we actually discussed today that he should be able to hit 2 articles in 30 mins without too much trouble.

First let me show you the video then let me talk about my take on content for different places. This video is NOT showing you a spinner..

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My Take On Content,Not all content is the same

1-Website Content
When you are producing Unique Content for your website you need to think about keyword density, LSI ,call to action and how it relates to and interacts with your previous (and future posts).

2-Ezine Articles
Ideally you should be producing Unique Content that is relevant to your niche, minimal keyword density (don’t want it outranking your own site) and the call to action should be in the signature box. You also need to make sure that if your anchor text is going to have more than 3 words you have a longer post (I won’t write the exact words needed as they will probably change it tomorrow).

3-Guest Blogging
To me guest blogging means if you are posting to someone who you have contacted in the same or a related niche and agreed to post or if you use the Postrunner network of blogs (part of the Keyword Academy) . Must be unique content and the quality must be good (or else they won’t approve it and won’t invite you back).

4-Link Networks
This is where it gets difficult, I find using ezarticle link and Unique Article Wizard to be very, very effective but I am also honest enough to know that these networks are for links but are unlikely to send much real traffic to my sites. They are for link building and not driving eyeballs.

This means that the content needs to pass their screening process but it doesn’t need to be Shakespeare.

Realizing when you are writing content for the link and when you may well be driving real traffic to your sites is important. Spending an hour (or even two) slaving over content that no one other than the search engines is likely to see is a waste of time. Time is the one thing that none of us really has to spare and so wasting it is a real shame.

Link building is vital for your websites and articles are a good way to build those links (I will discuss some more in more blog posts this month) but they can also drive you nuts. Lets be honest no one wants to sit and write 20 articles on pink toilet seat covers (sorry if I just outed your niche) even if you use the method I show in the video.

If you can outsource article (or at least some of it) then do so is my advice.

Let Ezine Articles Tell You What To Write

I logged into ezine articles, saw this new feature and thought I should do a quick video straight away. So sorry if it is rough around the edges.

I know a lot of people struggle to come up with titles and some people just sit in front of their pc and look at a blank screen wondering what to write. Personally speaking I think that having at least the title to work with will help me.

Remember that just because you get the titles from Ezine it doesn’t mean you have to use them there. You can use them in blog posts or anywhere else you want to.

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