Most of us don’t like spiders, we like to keep track of the creepie crawlies as my nan used to call them. Online is a little bit different, we like the spiders to come visit our site as often as they want to!

Search engine spiders visit your sites and send back the info they find to headquarters where it is used to compile the index that is used to display pages when any anyone types in a query.

As a general rule it is accepted that having search engine spiders visiting you site a lot is a good thing. The more often they come round the more likely it is that your site will be displayed in the search results.

There has been talk around whether high spider activity will result in a higher PR in the next update, or whether it means a higher placing in the search engines. I can’t promise either but I do know that when I send out a flurry of new articles or links I see increased spider activity and that is a good thing.

If the spiders aren’t coming to your pages then they can’t find the links in the content and they can’t list pages they don’t know about.

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